doctrine for those who doubt

Doubt is a difficult thing. It is discernible and dark. Some people fear doubt the way a child fears shadows in the night. The body cannot wrestle with shadows but the mind does.

But doubt is not necessarily a dangerous thing.

The Scriptures brim with the hopes and fears of the history of our world. Ordinary people, and great people too; doubt and doxology in a convergent stream.

In dark times, find some bit of theology to chew on. Wrestle through it and don’t give up. Lash your resolve to the Word and tether your heart to the heavens; vent your anguish to God and cry, “I won’t let You go until You bless me!” (Mark 9) Then fall into the grip that has held you all along. I’m not asking you to blindly accept my message; I’m asking you to wrestle through it. I’m asking you to know what you believe and why you believe it.

The invitation has been extended, “Come let us reason together.” And yes, the context is for believers in the clutch of a consuming doubt.

Below you will find a growing list of resources to bless, comfort, or otherwise aid you to find doxology in your doubt.


Physical Illness





  • What to Do When You Wake Up Feeling Fragile
  • When the Darkness Will Not Lift

Various Topics

1 thought on “doctrine for those who doubt

  1. I have noticed that too. (And cuebritotnd myself, more times than I care to admit!) I think as writers, we crave to write the way normal people crave taking a nap, having a glass of wine, going for long runs, etc things that help you relax, work out the kinks. When we get the chance to sit down and do it, if the all-elusive Inspiration doesn’t meet us there, than our most profound emotion in that moment is that very frustration and out it comes If I had a nickel for every poem I have seen about the taunting of the flashing black line on a white screen

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