Diapsalmata Has Made the Move!

Diapsalmata has (finally!) made the move to WordPress.org. Almost all of the posts survived the switch, as did most of the comments. (I’m still working to fix those that slipped through the digital cracks — each and every comment is just so important!)

My prayer is that the new site will provide a broader platform from which to speak to the questions and issues of our time, and that the lives of many will be blessed in His Name. You can find me at my primary domain, diapsalmata.com.

God’s rich blessings be upon you all.

When Faith Causes You to Doubt

“I believe in a God whose love is so great that He is love. I also believe in a God who is so powerful that He is all-powerful. But sometimes my belief in such a God causes me to struggle.

When I see sad and desperate situations, compassion compels me to pray and to help. This is where I am sometimes confused by faith. Some struggle because they doubt; I sometimes struggle because I believe… read more