Photoshopping Jesus

Sitting along the Gulf, I let the ocean spray and the afternoon reverie wash over me. Lazy thoughts really, drifting like the clouds overhead. Back at home my computer was loaded with projects. One of my hobbies is graphic design; that is, helping others graphically portray or “flesh out” their ideas. Thus Photoshop was on my mind that day at the Gulf.

“The clouds aren’t show-y today. No matter; I can always add more. Photoshop can work wonders with a plain day.”

The wind sent a paper cup tossing across the rocks.

That would have to be removed. No trash in my picture.

“Too bad the water isn’t blue. I could make it blue; Photoshop it. It’d be easy to do. I wonder what shade of blue would work? Perhaps some green tinges near the shoreline? Yes. Depth perception is important.”

But leaning back on a sunbaked rock, inhaling the salt and the sea and the irony of that last point, I wondered. Depth perception? Really? Why bother? After all, it is not real. Why go to the trouble of altering reality, only to bother about making it look… well, real?

Why? In a word, perfection. read more…

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