“To be comforted by God may well reconcile us to any sorrow with which it may please our heavenly Father to invest us [God’s investment = sure and certain reward; He WILL begin the work He started!]… There is no harsh reproof—no unkind upbraiding—no unveiling of the circumstances of our calamity to the curious and unfeeling eye—no artless exposure of our case to an ungodly and censorious world; but with all the tender feeling of a mother, God, even our Father, comforts the sorrowful ones of His people. He comforts in all the varied and solitary griefs of their hearts.

God meets our case in every sorrow. To Him, in prayer, we may uncover our entire hearts; to His confidence we may entrust our profoundest secrets; upon His love repose our most delicate sorrows; to His ear confess our deepest departures; before His eye spread out our greatest sins. Go, then, and breathe your sorrows into God’s heart, and He will comfort you. Blessed sorrow! if in the time of your bereavement, your grief, and your solitude, you are led to Jesus, making Him your Savior, your Friend, your Counselor, and your Shield.

Blessed loss! if it be compensated by a knowledge of God, if you find in Him a Father now, to whom you will transfer your ardent affections—upon whom you will repose your bleeding heart. But let your heart be true with Him. Love Him, obey Him, confide in Him, serve Him, live for Him; and in all the unknown, untrodden, unveiled future of your history, a voice shall gently whisper in your ear—”As one whom his mother comforts, so will I comfort you.”

I just love post… so beautiful, so timely.


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  1. Okay, I just visited Teresa’s blog who reblogged “All Things for Good… Even Depression” which brought me to your site and consequently to this post. Coincidence? Not! Here is an indescribable message I listened to last night (I usually don’t listen to anything longer than 3.5 minutes):


    I pray that it will bless you as much as it has blessed me, or even more, why not?

  2. “Indescribable.” You are SOO very right! I cannot tell you how much I needed to hear that message… I don’t even have the words to begin. Thank you — a million times thank you! I’ve already sent the link to a friend in seminary and I plan to post it on the site tomorrow. As for me, I want to listen a few more (dozen? ;) times, I need to let the message soak into my soul. Ligon was right; sometimes darkness comes to the believer as a result of a theological crisis rather than an existential or medical one. As one who has experienced perhaps all three, I believe I can attest to the nuances of each. To me, depression that stems from a theological crisis is by far the worst.

    May God bless you as richly as you have blessed my heart today.

    By His grace. For His glory.
    Philippians 2:5-8

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