Alive Inside

Sometimes people ask me why I volunteer for hospice. Sharing the hope of the Gospel with people like this is why…

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Alive Inside, posted with vodpod

The Jews would not willingly tread upon the smallest piece of paper in their way, but took it up; for possibly, they say, the name of God may be on it. Though there was a little superstition in this, yet truly there is nothing but good religion in it, if we apply it to men. Trample not on any; there may be some work of grace there, that thou knowest not of. The Name of God may be written upon that soul thou treadest on; it may be a soul that Christ thought so much of, as to give His precious blood for it; therefore despise it not.[1]

[1] Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834), Aids to Reflection [1825], London: W. Pickering, 1839, Aphorism XXVIII, p. 76.


2 thoughts on “Alive Inside

  1. I love this video and I love Coleridge’s words here. Our God is so good and His grace is so profound, yet I know these rough-and-tumble eyes of mine often miss the unseen glory that glimmers just below the surface.

    Thank you for your encouraging comments. I am praying for you today!

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