Sometimes when the longing strikes and the words refuse to come, I grab my camera (and the nearest willing model) and try to capture my heart with my lens. Here two of my favorites — my younger daughter and my favorite poet — do their utmost to help me.


One thought on “Intoxicated

  1. Beautiful site. Thank you for visiting TGS so that I could find it!

    “And so, as I slip into my sheets and the sleep my God has prepared for me, I pray to learn again the ministry of small things; knowing that as I do, the grace of God will bend this will of mine (Titus 2:11-12), molding me into a likeness of the Savior who left me His basin and towel and His example to do likewise.” Beautiful! And with these comforting thoughts I go to bed. (I shall catch up on my blog reading another time.)

    May you have the most blessed Resurrection Sunday!

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